10 Reasons to Implement 24/7 Live Video Monitoring for Your Commercial Property

Whether it’s a construction site, storage yard, apartments, condos, neighbourhood, store, or office building, no property is immune to crime. In fact, more break-ins and theft take place on commercial properties than at personal residences.

So how do you keep your property safe?

Manned guarding security is one option. Video security systems are another one. CCTV cameras may be small but they are very powerful. They can be helpful in preventing crime while being a cheap security solution, shaving expenses on your budget.

If you’re wondering whether you should look into video surveillance for your property or business, here are ten reasons why it would be a smart choice.

1. Provides 24/7 Surveillance Coverage

It’s impossible for you to keep an eye on your property every second of the day. And even if you hire on-site security guards to keep watch 24/7, it’s going to be expensive and a single guard may only be able to see part of the property not the whole while patrolling.

With a video surveillance system, you don’t have to worry about any gaps in surveillance coverage. CCTV services can provide around-the-clock protection, leaving the careful observation to the pros; and you worry-free. However, you need an appropriate alarm management service to make it perfect, one that does not require AIs to watch.

2. Eliminates the Need for In-Person Security

Can video security systems do as good (or better!) a job as multiple security guards stationed throughout your property? The answer is yes.

With a surveillance system, you don’t have to worry about hiring in-person security anymore. While security guards are good at their jobs, they’re only human, meaning they can get distracted or not notice every single detail, always leaving blind spots around the property. There is also the possibility that they will not even show up for their coverage. If you have cameras installed, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

After the camera system installation is done (which is a quick process!) and your cameras are up and running, you can say goodbye to the in-person guards.

3. Saves Money

While there is an upfront cost for installing security cameras, you’ll end up saving a lot more money in the long run.

Not only is a video surveillance system cheaper than hiring in-person security guards, but you also don’t have to worry about HR-related issues or the long-term contracts that often come with in-person guard services.

Plus, with your property having better protection, you will likely have to spend less money on replacing stolen or vandalized equipment, and possibly have a discount on your company's insurance.

4. Prevention of Crime and Theft

Video surveillance cameras are not only useful for responding to an incident, but they’re also helpful in preventing them in the first place. Well, that is if you have a video monitoring service attached.

People are more likely to take advantage of a property or business if there are no security measures in place to hinder them, but if they see a video surveillance system with signage? They might have second thoughts before causing any trouble.

Having surveillance cameras visible will help make employees and customers feel safer knowing that someone is looking out for them.

5. Better Relations with Law Enforcement

If your property has real-time surveillance, there’s always someone on standby, ready to contact law enforcement at the touch of a button. If the monitoring party sees something suspicious or dangerous going on, they’ll make the call on behalf of the property, allowing you to not have to worry about contacting the police later.

Video surveillance doesn’t just make getting in touch with law enforcement easy, it makes the job of law enforcement officers easier by being more preventative versus reactionary.

The person watching the cameras is able to look at the footage and gather all the correct information that might be needed: what the perpetrator looks like, how many perpetrators are there, what are they doing, or at exactly what time did something happen; the basic who, what, when, where, why, and how questions.

6. Uses Advanced Technology

A video surveillance system takes 24/7 security to the next level, keeping watch in ways humans simply cannot.

Surveillance technology doesn’t stop at being able to record everything that’s happening. It can also identify potential weapons and alert the guards, as well as capture small details like someone’s license plate.

With technology constantly getting better and better, you’ll have the best surveillance possible.

7. Creates a Record of All Activity

In-person guards are great, but they can’t record live footage and then replay specific instances later on-demand.

Surveillance video, on the other hand, definitely can. Need to look back and review suspicious activity?

Want to see at exactly what time someone broke into your property? Or maybe you’d like to see how many people entered your property over the last few days?

A video surveillance system can help you do all of that and more.

8. Supplies Evidence for Insurers

Let’s say the CCTV security cameras do end up catching a criminal act, or even a simple accident. Now what?

You don’t have to worry about figuring out whose story is correct. The video surveillance will do that for you! This makes it easy to show insurers exactly what happened in more detail than a simple statement would be able to accomplish.

You’ll feel better knowing any incidents can be reviewed later on, and your insurance agency will also appreciate knowing this information is always available.

9. Offers Surveillance From Multiple Viewpoints

Unless they have super-human abilities, regular in-person security guards don’t have eyes in the backs of their heads or legs as tall as your building. Meaning when it comes to the areas they’re able to observe, they’re a little limited.

Surveillance video doesn’t have those limitations. You can get a 360-degree view of your property from multiple vantage points, including the whole range from the top of your building all the way down to the bottom.

With all those areas covered using video surveillance, nothing will slip through the cracks.

10. Helps Avoiding Lawsuits

Having recorded footage of everything that goes on in and around your property isn’t only helpful for law enforcement and insurers. It can also help you stay out of lawsuits.

Whether we like it or not, sometimes employees may try to take advantage of an employer through theft or fraudulent workers’ compensation. If an incident like this happens and you’re able to prove what really went on through the surveillance video, this could save your business or property a lot of money.

Choose a Video Surveillance You Trust

The reasons why video surveillance is the superior option when it comes to keeping your property safe and protected are clear. The ease of use, cost savings, and peace of mind make the initial installation costs more than worth it.

At Swissguard, we make video surveillance affordable while never compromising on safety and efficiency. Our virtual guards will watch the live feed from your surveillance cameras 24/7 and are trained to respond to any suspicious activity or danger to keep your property safe.

If you’re ready to hear more about how Swissguard can help protect your business or property, contact us today.

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